What’s Going On…


We are in the process of getting ready for the Back to School Tailgate – keep up on our social pages for more information coming soon!


Dodge for Diamonds Flyer

This year GS Mini-THON will be holding Dodge for Diamonds, a county-wide dodgeball tournament that will be held at Greensburg Salem High School on January 4th, starting at 10:30 am! The cost is $80 per team with teams of 8. There will be 50/50 and raffle prizes you can win along with a concession stand! Other games will be set up to play while you wait. All proceeds go toward Greensburg Salem Mini-THON to support the fight against Pediatric Cancer!


Gift Wrapping FTK Flyer

This year the GS Mini-THON team is back again to help with gift wrapping! You can find us at the Greensburg Salem High School cafeteria on December 19th and 20th from 3-8pm, as well as December 21st from 12-3pm. And don’t forget, we can provide wrapping paper for $5!


Trout shirts

One thing that never ceases to amaze us is the power of community. When there’s a need, we rally. We’re asking that you consider purchasing a t-shirt in support of one of our own.



Halloween Movie Night Flyer.PNG

Come join us for our annual Halloween Movie Night, featuring Monsterhouse! Bring your friends and family on Wednesday, October 30th, to celebrate Halloween with a movie and some snacks! Prizes will also be awarded to best costumes! Everyone is welcome!


Flocking is back already, and flamingos are migrating quickly! If you don’t want any pesky flamingos in your yard, consider purchasing flocking insurance for $20. If you don’t mind them, then keep the fun going and flock a friend for $15! If anyone is interested in either of those options, contact us via email or one of our social medias:

Email: gsminithon@gmail.com

Twitter: @GSMiniTHON

Instagram: @gsminithon


Back to School Tailgate Flyer (screenshot)

We’ve gotten approval for the Third Annual Back to School Tailgate! This year’s event will be on Sunday, August 18th from 3-7pm. Don’t forget to grab a cornhole partner and sign up soon!


Back by popular demand – Easter Egging For the Kids🐰 Send a dozen Easter Eggs filled with treats for loved ones – including both kids candy and dog treats – for just $10‼️ All proceeds benefit the fight against pediatric cancer. Send orders or inquiries to gsminithon@gmail.com and let us handle the rest!💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight 




From staying at the school late at night organizing t-shirts to having tons of fundraisers, the Greensburg community has been by our side. We can honestly say that we are at a loss for words after raising $50,737.33‼️ It has been a long road, with a ton of ups and downs, but none of this would be possible without the help of everyone! We cannot thank you enough for being a Partner in the Fight through this long journey! This project has become so much more than just a number. We do this so families do not have to hurt anymore and so children don’t have to be in pain. We truly want to make a difference. With the help of the community, sponsors, GS students and faculty and the leaders from previous years, we have made a difference and exceeded our goal for this year! We are so grateful to have experienced such a great thing and we will always be For The Kids💠 #FTK #Forty4Four #PartnersInTheFight #GSMiniTHON19



ATTENTION‼️ Only 5 hour left until the start of our big night💠 Come out and join us with all of your friends and family for a great time💙 #FTK #Forty4Four #PartnersInTheFight B81C1DAB-6AB6-44EB-A077-297A0D8833E7


You don’t want to miss this – get to Community Hours tonight – $5 a ticket for your chance to win this incredible Sydney Crosby piece donated by Cody Sabol. We can’t thank you enough, Cody, for your continued support!




Don’t forget tomorrow is Twin Day👯‍♀️ Also, be sure to bring in all of your coins to school for stall day this week‼️ #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 




Help be a Partner In The Fight by helping us raise $5000 this week‼️We have already raised about $1000 so far! We can’t do it without your help💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four




Shout out to Connor Moore, Natalie Dicriscio, Michael Ruggieri and Ryan Thomas for their accomplishments on DonorDrive‼️ Keep up the great work! Tomorrow is Crazy Sock day to kick off our spirit week💠 #FTK #Forty4Four #PartnersInTheFight




Shout out to Gaskey & Associates for their sponsorship‼️ Thank you for being a partner in the fight💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four A9ACC5D8-23A9-4771-B5D9-88849E7AB50A


Thank you Jigger’s Pub for your sponsorship‼️ We appreciate it💠 #FTK #ParntersInTheFight #Forty4Four 6312714C-17FA-408E-82D7-F425BCEF18E4



The Mini-THON team wanted to thank everyone that came canning with us today‼️We truly appreciate all of your help and hard work💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four




Tomorrow night is Mini-THON night at Texas Roadhouse from 3-9‼️ Take your family and friends out to a nice dinner💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 



Snow Day = Push Day‼️ Today is a great day to catch up on your donor drive! A great way to earn some Mini-THON Money on this snowy day is to shovel drive ways!! ❄️ #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four #PushDay 



Come out to Bean and Baguette Cafe on Saturday the 23rd from 12 – 4pm for a GS Mini-THON Kitchen Takeover‼️ Bring your family and friends for some great food🍗 #FTK #Forty4Four #ParntersInTheFight 



A huge thank you to the GS Middle School for raising money through build a fairy‼️ We appreciate all of your hard work💠 #FTK #Forty4Four #PartnersInTheFight





The Mini-THON Team will be selling carnations during lunch from February 12th-14th‼️ Also, during the basketball game tonight and wrestling match Wednesday!💠🌷#FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 



Don’t forget to come out to GSHS for the pancake breakfast tomorrow from 7-12 p.m.‼️🥞 All members of the community are welcome to come!! #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 


Save the date!! February 9th will be our 4th annual Pancake Breakfast🥞 Everyone is welcome to come enjoy some yummy pancakes and more‼️ #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 5fa2aeaa-db6b-4e84-baff-48b60c59db56


Thank you again Yumzio Bistro for your donations!! The Mini-THON team appreciates everything!!💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 



Thank you Virtus Institute for being a 4 year sponsor to GS Mini-THON‼️ All of your help goes a long way!!💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 



Thank you so much Parkwood again for the donations! Also, thank you for being a 2 year sponsor for GS Mini-THON! They are partners in the fight💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 



A huge thank you to everyone that donated and helped raise money yesterday!! With the help of everyone we were able to raise 2K in one day‼️💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four #2KMonday



Keep up the work on DonorDrive!! The more money you raise the more treats you receive💠 To help raise more money, have your parents post about it on Facebook‼️ #FTK #Forty4Four #PartnersInTheFight #2KMonday





Shoutout to @emmaturin3 for raising over $100 already!!💠 Every little bit helps! #FTK #Forty4Four #PartnersInTheFight #2KMonday



Tomorrow we’re trying to raise $2k in one day! So make sure to have their donor drives ready to share!! #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 



Everyone go out to Five Guys on 1/18/19 from 5:00-9:00 and don’t forget to mention Mini-THON!!💠🍔🍟 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 



Once again just wanted to thank Signs By Tomorrow for helping to make a difference!💠 #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four



Thank you to everyone that went caroling and canning for Mini-THON🎶💠 All of your efforts were much appreciated‼️ #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four 





The Mini-THON team is also going caroling on the 23rd! Everyone is welcome to come out and sing! Please contact us at gsminithon@gmail.com for more information! Also, we are going canning on the 26th from 10:00-2:00! If you can come out and help please contact us as soon as possible!


Tired of wrapping all those Christmas gifts? The Mini-THON team is here to help! The Mini-THON team is hosting a gift wrapping on December 20th and 21st from 3:00-8:00 PM, and on December 22nd from 12:00 to 3:00. We will wrap the gifts in the High School cafeteria.



Today marks 100 days until our Mini-THON🎉 We are so excited for this night and are extremely thankful for everyone that us helped us through this process! We’re not done yet‼️ #FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four #100DayCountDown




Thank you Hearing Unlimited! The Mini-THON team appreciates everything!💠#FTK #PartnersInTheFight #Forty4Four



Also, another huge thank you to Standard Bank! Your efforts are much appreciated💠 #FTK #Forty4Four #PartnersInTheFight







Everyone is welcome! Bring your family and friends out to celebrate Halloween with a great movie and snacks! The Halloween Movie Night will take place at Greensburg Salem High school in the courtyard, on October 22nd!




Look what has migrated back.. Flocking season has officially started up again. If anyone is interested in flocking a friend or family member, you can contact us on Twitter @GSMiniTHON or email us at gsminithon@gmail.com






Everyone interested in playing in the 2nd Annual Cornhole Tournament contact us now to reserve your team’s spot – we can only accept 64 entries. The winning team will win a custom made set of cornhole boards. You can contact us on Twitter @GSMiniTHON or email us at gsminithon@gmail.com 22C135FF-8E61-41EB-9AAE-C7F23EC8630F


We are in the process of planning for the 2nd Annual Back to School Tailgate, which will be held on Sunday, August 26th from 3 to 7 pm. We look forward to seeing you there! Please check back for more information.


Thank you to everyone who came out to the Arts and Heritage Festival and got lemonade or pop from one of our booths. A huge thank you to the more than 70 volunteers who showed that they are Partners in the Fight! We are also thankful for the Arts and Heritage Festival staff members for all of their help in making this such a success.

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reveal5x7IMG_2422 (1)

Thank you to everyone who came out to GS Mini-THON 2018!

Thank you to everyone who contributed throughout the year. This has been a crazy journey and we are so thankful for your support.

GS will always be #FTK




Thank you to EVERY student who participated in Pajama Day! Way to get in the Mini-THON spirit!



Raising $250 should be easy, right? By signing up for DonorDrive, fundraising should be easier than ever before!

Like previous years, there is a mandatory payment of $25 that will allow you into the actual Mini-THON event and provide you with a t-shirt. But for those who want to go above and beyond, we are offering something new!

If you raise $250 on your own, not only will this secure your spot in the VIP room, with seating, Chipotle and more, but it will also enter you into many different raffles! These raffles will include Pirates tickets, Prom tickets and a free massage.

Regardless of how much you want to fundraise, all students attending Mini-THON MUST sign up and make a small payment of $25 through DonorDrive. Students must turn in this money before or on February 28th to secure their t-shirt order. Any payments made after this date will not get a t-shirt, but this cost will cover all of their food the night of.

We want this year to be more successful than ever, so come out, fundraise and always be #FTK!


GS Mini-THON would like to thank every student that volunteered to help can!

Despite the cold weather and rain, each student was #FTK all day!




Thank to all GS students and teachers who participated in this year’s Stall Week!

A special shout-out to all of Mr. Lenzi’s classes for raising over $500 all #FTK




 This Valentine’s Day sure was sweet!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a carnation this year, you have all become #PartnersInTheFight



Thank you to everyone who came out to Mini-THON’s Pancake Breakfast! You all have become great #PartnersInTheFight


Thank you to everyone who came out and supported GS Mini-THON’s Chipotle Night!








And the winner is…Mr. Boe!

With the help of GSHS and the Greensburg community, our teachers were able to have a magical day!

Thank you to everyone who donated to Mini-THON’s Build A Fairy!

Thank you to all of the students who came out and helped can at the 2017 Greensburg Holiday Parade!


Corporate Packets are ready for business!


Know a business that would be interested in becoming a partner in the fight by sponsoring GS Mini-THON?

Contact us through social media or gsminithon@gmail.com, we would love to share our mission in greater detail. All donations are tax deductible!


Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed our Annual Movie Night!



Flocking has come to an end!

But don’t worry, you can pre-flock for next year. All you need to do is send in the following information below and wait until next Flocking season!

Thank you to everyone who participated!


Whether you live out of state or right here in Greensburg, flocking is available for everyone!

Simply mail in your check to 65 Mennel Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601 along with the address you are flocking.

Dropping off your check at the High School is acceptable also.

All checks can be made payable to: GSHS Mini-THON

If you are purchasing Flock Insurance you may include that money as well!


Thank you to everyone who ordered a white out t-shirt!



Pancake Breakfast

Stall Week

Donor Drive Information

Sam’s Club Canning


Push Week

Teacher Dress Down Day

iHop Night

Mini-THON Night